Welcome to Saku and Sallie's Wish Art collective. Any art, sketches or fanart to do with our joint-project set in the Wishing World will be collected here.

All arts, designs and ideas within this site are owned and thought up by Saku and Sallie. Stealing them is a huge no-no and will cause boils to grow out of your gentials. And that's not nice.
Ignorance of the law does not exempt one from compliance thereof.

This site may well contain explict or implied erotica, including gay, lesbian or het situations or pairings.

updated 03rd February 2010

New pictures in North and Girls.

updated 06th January 2010

New pictures in North, Girls and Saxon.

updated 01st December 2009

New pictures in North.

updated 15th November 2009

New pictures in Priest, Adult and North.

updated 19th October 2009

Wonderful new Layout thanks to KJ. New pictures in everything but Priest.

updated 15th May 2009

New pictures in Priest/Adult, North, Nekii/Girls and Minor.

updated 22nd April 2009

New pictures in Kon and North.

updated 20th April 2009

New pictures in North, Kon, Nekii and Minor.

updated 30th March 2009

New pictures in North, Adult, Nekii and Etc.

updated 21st March 2009

New pictures in Kon/Adult, North and Girls.

updated 01st March 2009

New pictures in Kon, Girls/Adult and Nekii.






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